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rejoicing adj : joyful and proud especially because of triumph or success; "rejoicing crowds filled the streets on VJ Day"; "a triumphal success"; "a triumphant shout" [syn: exultant, exulting, jubilant, prideful, triumphal, triumphant]


1 a feeling of great happiness
2 the utterance of sounds expressing great joy [syn: exultation, jubilation]

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Joy is an emotion of great happiness. Joy can also be interpreted as a person's name.
Joy may also refer to:

Joy as a surname

Joy as a given name


  • Joy (novel), a 1990 novel by Marsha Hunt
  • Joy (novels), series of erotic novels by Joy Laurey
  • "Ode to Joy" ("An die Freude" in German), an ode written in 1785 by the German poet and historian Friedrich Schiller
  • Surprised by Joy, an autobiographical work by C. S. Lewis
  • The Joy of Sex, an illustrated sex manual by Alex Comfort, M.D., Ph.D.


Joy as place name


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anniversaries, buxom, celebrating, celebration, ceremony, commemoration, delighting, dressing ship, elate, elated, exultant, exulting, fanfare, fanfaronade, festivity, flourish of trumpets, flushed, frivolous, gleeful, hilarious, holiday, jocular, jocund, jolly, jovial, joyful, joyous, jubilant, jubilee, laughter-loving, marking the occasion, memorialization, memory, merry, mirth-loving, mirthful, observance, ovation, religious rites, remembrance, revel, risible, rite, ritual observance, salute, salvo, solemn observance, solemnization, testimonial, testimonial banquet, testimonial dinner, toast, tribute, triumph
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